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NZCP operations are suspended until further notice.

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STOP PRESS 21/12/2007
Late this year the New Zealand Portrait Gallery (NZPG) our joint venture partner in the Shed 11 project wished to withdraw, and accordingly the joint venture has been terminated.
There were four very successful exhibitions in Shed 11 which gave some indication of the calibre of programmes we could jointly host. While we were disappointed that we were not able to move forward with the project, we wish the Portrait Gallery success in its future endeavours.  An unavoidable ramification of this, however, is that the significant funding package that was agreed with Wellington City Council is no longer available.

We wish to thank the many people who helped us over the last several years.  And also the many supporters of our publishing, exhibition and collection services since 1985. We are now exploring how best to ensure the integrity of the NZCP collection and the future of the New Zealand Journal of Photography.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our best to answer your queries.

The New Zealand Centre for Photography and The New Zealand Portrait Gallery
are combining in a bold new initiative to bring the riches of photography and portraiture to a wide range of New Zealanders and visitors in the heart of Wellington. With your help, in 2007 the elegant Edwardian Shed 11 on the Capital´s waterfront will begin its journey to becoming be one of the waterfront's best -loved long-term attractions.

Shed 11 will be a vital part of the Cultural Capital. As well as becoming a strong presence in Wellington both organisations will reach out to all of New Zealand. Shed 11, a Grade I listed historic building, is exceptionally well situated within the thriving central business district and the capital´s acclaimed waterfront arts area.

Through Shed 11 Limited, the Centre and its joint venture partner, the New Zealand Portrait Gallery will mount eight  seasons of shows over the next two years – each “Season” with one or two shows.  Some will be hosted by the Centre, some by the Portrait Gallery and some will be joint shows.  Both Wellington City Council (through a substantial cash grant) and Wellington Waterfront Limited (by allowing us the use of Shed 11 at no charge) are principal sponsors of these exciting Exhibition Seasons and on behalf of the Centre, I wish to thank both organisations for the support and commitment to our vision of creating a first class exhibition space on the waterfront.

Located along a line with the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, and the Wellington Museum of City & Sea, with Te Papa and Waitangi Park to the south and the Wellington City Gallery in Civic square to the west, it is part of the cultural ribbon which extends along the harbour´s edge.

Something for Everyone in one of New Zealand´s Great Spaces

Photography and portraiture have been central to the development of the New Zealand identity. Our origins and achievements have been preserved for centuries in carvings in wood and stone and , since the beginning of European settlement, through the lens of a camera and by artists´ hands on paper and canvas. However, despite their importance, New Zealand has neither a home for a national portrait gallery nor a gallery devoted to the display of photographic art. The absence of these institutions is a lamentable gap in our cultural expression and heritage.

The New Zealand Portrait Gallery and New Zealand Centre of Photography´s visually dynamic exhibitions will showcase all aspects of the photographic media from the past to the most recent technological developments. The New Zealand Portrait Gallery will be extending the boundaries of what has hitherto been regarded as portraiture to include video and audio portraits as well as the latest explorations in presenting identity. Both will blend programmes which range from the historical to the contemporary , from the scholarly to the popular. Our public programmes will engage new audiences, stimulate an interest in collecting and an awareness of photography and portraiture both within the context of New Zealand and internationally . One exhibition at least per year will tour and others will be available for tour.

the most persuasive, evocative, immediate, sensual, democratic, powerful and accessible medium of our time.

New Zealanders have, been and are, important contributors to the world of photographic art. The New Zealand Centre for Photography Trust Board was established in 1985 by three of New Zealand´s most prominent photographers of the day, Brian Brake, Brian Enting and Matheson Beaumont, to promote the art of photography in New Zealand and, by education and otherwise to make photography accessible to the public. The Centre has never had a long-term permanent premises (it has resided in, among other places, Inverlochy House and Bowen House, which it shared with the portrait Gallery). Nonetheless, it has mounted numerous exhibitions, run photography courses from the very basic to master classes and it has established and owns an important collection of approximately 25,000 New Zealand images. it has an active membership, with subscribers on five continents, maintains links with other centres and museums which share its commitment to photography and publishes a successful quarterly magazine, The New Zealand Journal of Photography, the nation´s only quarterly devoted to independent photographic practice in New Zealand and an essential tool for photography in New Zealand.

Conveying a depth of emotion rarely evoked. Via many mediums, exact and specific, you have an insight into the soul.

The New Zealand Portrait Gallery Trust was set up in 1990, with the active support of Sir John Marshall, to create a gallery for New Zealand equivalent to similar historical and biographical museums in other democracies. it too has not had a permanent home and in 2003 it was required to move out of its most recent premises in Bowen House. It has, however, continued to mount exhibitions and to maintain a programme other activities, including lectures, seminars and portrait competitions.

It has a strong and active Friends association with members throughout New Zealand. It maintains close and effective links with National Portrait Galleries in Edinburgh, London, Ottawa, Canberra and Washington D.C.

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